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What does "Birthday party" mean?

Vocabulary Word: Birthday party

1. Definition (pron.) a party to celebrate somebody’s birthday

Examples I am going to invite all of my friends to my Birthday party this Saturday.

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11:42 PM Dec 11 2017 |



Thank you for honoring me,

02:01 AM Sep 23 2017 |



be with your loved ones who make birthday party important

12:29 PM Sep 21 2017 |



a person is not just a birthday but every moment special, and every moment is important, birthday party is fun

12:28 PM Sep 21 2017 |



I am don’t understand, what do you want?

03:44 AM Aug 11 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i never forget my 7 years birthday

it was very big party and i was invited about 60 persons.

it was very good :)

09:31 AM Nov 28 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Birthday parties are always memorable.

04:01 AM Nov 28 2012 |

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