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Ebaby! ath the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Sponsored by TOEFL B4162936

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Ebaby! at the Vancouver Winter Olympics

Ebaby at the Olympics!

Ebaby! went to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. We made fun English video lessons for you. Gold medal figure skaters Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo will teach you the meaning of "lift" and "head over heels." You can also learn the meaning of "drop in" and "goofy" from Chinese snowboarding Olympian Liu Jiayu, and much more!

Olympic Blog

Learning with Liu Jiayu at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

So many Olympic sports come down to perfection. Can you do what you are attempting to do perfectly? In the luge, a few thousandths of a second can separate the competitors, and in half pipe snowboarding, one small wobble can cost you the gold.

And so it was with Liu Jiayu on Thursday night in the ladies' half pipe finals, who just a few days before taught an English lesson on the term "goofy" for English, baby! Unlike the men’s half pipe, in which Shaun White just got so much higher than everyone else and was the undisputed victor, the ladies' competition could have been won by any of the competitors going into the second run. Liu Jiayu–who entered the competition ranked 2nd–came into the final run in fourth place. She looked so good up until her final trick, when her board grazed the blue rim of the half pipe. She didn't fall, but she wobbled, and instantly she and everyone watching knew, she would not advance past fourth. Read more »

Ebaby! at the Olympics

Ebaby! was also at the Beijing Olympics. Check out the videos to remember the fun!

Beijing Olympics




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