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Tag Questions

Tag questions are two word tags added to the end of a statement to make a question. Tag questions give the other person a chance to reply to something that has been said. Although we can use different words to make tag questions, they all mean the same thing: "Do you agree?" or "Am I right?"

We can make tag questions with both positive and negative statements. Positive statements will always have negative question tags, and negative statements will always have positive question tags.

To make a tag for a positive statement, use the negative form of the first auxiliary verb + subject (or its pronoun), as in, "Jane has already seen the movie, hasn't she?" or, "You are studying tonight, aren't you?"

To make a tag for a negative statement, use the positive form of the auxiliary verb + subject (or pronoun), as in, "We didn't eat very much, did we?" or, "He isn't interested, is he?"

For sentences that do not have auxiliary verbs, use do, does, or did. Like other tag questions, make a negative tag for a positive sentence and make a positive tag for a negative sentence. For example, "They don't have a car, do they?" or, "I forgot my lunch again, didn't I?"

Tag questions can be used in past, present, or future tense, so it's important to match the tense of the tag question to the tense of the original statement. For example, "We didn't get very far, did we?" or, "They will be there, won't they?"

Tag Questions Grammar Quiz

  1. You don't know the answer, ?

  2. We went swimming yesterday, ?

  3. Sally hasn't traveled much, ?

  4. They don't eat meat, ?

  5. Mark will be here, ?

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