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future time ..part,1

future time ..part,1

Date: Feb 03 2010

Topic: Grammar

Author: Ryo94t


Direction :  ask  and answer  about your  question.

Example :

John : are you going to eat  dinner at home  tonight .

Ann: yes ,I’m.  I’m  going  to   eat dinner at home tonight .

2- No , I’m  not. I’m  not going  to  eat dinner  at home  tonight .

1-      Are  you going  to come  to class tomorrow ?

2-      Is  tom  going  to be  here  tomorrow ?

3-      Are tom  and  Ann going to be here tomorrow?

4-      When are you going  to go to bed  tonight?

5-      When time  are you  going  to get up tomorrow morning ?

6-      Where is Ann  going to go  tomorrow  after class?

Future time  using  be  going to

(a)    I’m going to go   beach  tomorrow.                                    Be going to expresses   

                                                                                                    -à   (talks about) the  future.

(b)   She  is going to be  here  tomorrow afternoon.               FORM:

(c)    We are going to come to class tomorrow morning .    am/is /are+ going+ infinitive

(d)   I’m not  going to go  beach tomorrow .                      -à Negative: be + not  +going  to

(e)   Ann isn’t  going to cinema  tonight  .                         

(f)     Are  you going to come to  class tomorrow?           -à question : be +subject +going to

NO, I’m not.                                                                             A form of be is used  in the short

(g)    (g)Is  Jim going to be in the meeting tomorrow?                  Answer to a yes /no question  

yes ,he is.                                                                             with  Be going  to ,as  in(f) and (g).

(h)   What  time are you going to eat dinner tonight?

 Around  six.


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be going to show us a plan which will be done

01:29 PM Aug 27 2016 |

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